Top Benefits of Custom Window Treatments Over Generic Products From a Store

Oct 04, 2021

There is great convenience in going to your local home improvement store, picking up a box of generic window blinds, installing themLuxurious living room area with a minimalist couch, fireplace, and off-white window drapes yourself, and moving on to the next project on your list. However, what the big-box window treatment manufacturers won’t tell you is that their one-size-fits-all products most often don’t fit as intended, don’t function properly, and end up sticking out like a sore thumb because they fail to match the existing décor in a home. The perfect remedy for this problem is to partner with a company that specializes in custom window treatments. There are too many benefits to opting for custom window products to cover them all, but here are a few worth mentioning:

You are Virtually Guaranteed a Precise Fit

While generic window products drop the ball in providing a proper fit after installation, custom window treatments are sure to exceed expectations. That’s because a custom window treatment company will design your product according to the measurements of your window openings and employ a team of craftsmen to perform a meticulous installation.

You’ll Have Access to More Design Possibilities

With big-box window treatments, the design choices tend to be very limited. When partnering with a custom window treatment company like ShadesToYou, you’ll be presented with a vast array of colors, finishes, materials, and configurations, giving you full control over choosing a product that meets your needs and style preferences.

Your Investment Goes Further

The main goal of big-box manufacturers is to cut costs, which, more often than not, means the customer gets the short end of the stick and ends up with a subpar product. Custom window treatment companies, on the other hand, tend work with local fabricators as well as major vendors to bring customers the best products on the market.

Quality Installation

At the end of the day, the decision to choose custom window treatments over generic products comes down to peace of mind. And that’s exactly what ShadesToYou brings homeowners throughout Central Florida. Contact us today to learn more about the window treatments we offer and to gain insight into our elaborate design process.