6 Types of Windows Shades to Consider for Your Home

Jun 01, 2022

In the world of window shades, the phrase “one size fits all” simply doesn’t hold weight, especially when it comes to custom shades. TheView of living room with brown couch, gray walls, wood flooring, and three windows outfitted with roller shades. intended purpose behind each room in your home will greatly influence the type of window shades you choose. Below are the six types of window shades the experts at ShadesToYou suggest for your home depending on your needs:

Woven Shades

Often referred to as matchstick shades, woven shades offer a unique aesthetic. Because these particular window shades are made from natural woods, reeds, bamboo, and grasses, they are a perfect choice for rooms where you wish to establish a warm, casual ambiance. And when you want to let some sunlight pass into your home, woven shades fold into themselves in a neat accordion style for a streamlined look.

Solar Screen Shades

If you’re looking to lower your monthly energy costs at your home, installing solar shades is a great option. These window shades are known for cutting down on glare, reducing UV rays, diffusing light, and helping control heat gain. What’s more, solar shades are made from natural and synthetic materials and are available in a wide range of opacities, styles, prints, and textures.

Cellular & Pleated Shades

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, feature rows of fabric cells carefully sewn together. Cellular shades are an ideal window treatment for sliding glass doors, skylights, and specialty shape windows, and they fold together neatly in an accordion style when open. And when closed, honeycomb shades form pockets of air between your home’s windows and interior, creating a thermal barrier.

Like cellular shades, pleated shades feature accordion-style folds that stack tightly when open, creating a clean, crisp aesthetic around your windows.

Roman Shades

Window treatment options like drapes can be visually overpowering and give a cluttered feel to smaller rooms with furniture. If you have windows in your home that are in confined spaces, consider Roman shades. Roman shades won’t take up any space on the sides of your windows and fold nicely into themselves. And if you really want to add your own flair to these window shades, you can do just that with your choice of accent banding, decorative trim, and scalloped bottoms.

Roller Shades

If practicality ranks highest in your search for window shades, roller shades are a fantastic option. Depending on the fabric you choose, roller shades can limit glare from the sun, reduce UV rays, and diminish heat transfer while giving you excellent light control. Best of all, you can combine roller shades with other window treatments for a unique aesthetic or have them stand alone for a minimalist look.

Sheer & Layered Shades

Are you planning to dedicate one room in your home for relaxation—perhaps for some afternoon reading? Sheer shades can help you establish a warming, calm atmosphere. These window shades feature two layers of fabric without any visible stitching, seams, or adhesives. And because they are available in various vane sizes, sheer shades allow you to have just the right amount of sunlight.

Made with alternating bands of sheer and color fabrics, layered shades can go from light filtering to light blocking instantly and are available in a variety of colors, textured weaves, and metallics. Both sheer and layered shades come in a range of opacities, allowing you to control the level of privacy in each room.

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